we love art and the personal stories they tell

we love art and the personal stories they tell

Behind every painting is a personal moment––or a moment of inspiration. We help you retell it, bit by bit.

Endless Custom Stories

We turn any personal photo you cherish into a paint by number canvas. So with every brushstroke, you relive your favorite moments with family, friends, and loved ones.

50+ Inspiring Artworks

Our original artistic designs create the perfect setting for you to get into the zone and draw out the inner artist. Enjoy the freedom to play and the confidence it will look great.

Celebrating Your Artistry

Whatever your reason for painting, Magic Canvas is passionate about giving you all the tools you need to keep at it and proudly display your works in your home museum.

“If you hear a voice within you say 'You cannot paint' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

Vincent Van Gogh


Painting by number The art of small steps

Every masterpiece begins with the first stroke

We believe you can paint the most glorious, showcase-worthy paintings even if you’ve never pirated a single canvas before. "Magic Canvas" breaks every painting down into tiny, numbered outlines, so even the beginner can paint like a master.

The image is already there
Just add your vision

Our paint-by-number designs are best seen as a guide. This safe base helps you discover your own vision for the painting: Experiment with various stroke techniques, layer paint colors for complex gradients, and even color outside the lines like the artist you are.

Maintain your flow even when you take a break

Inspiration can come in bursts. Sometimes you’re feeling it for an hour straight, and on other occasions you feel a lightning bolt for a few minutes. "Magic Canvas" makes it easy for you to revisit your painting-in-progress at any time, so your art looks seamless and effortless.

Art For All

Beautify your walls or theirs


Celebrate a first date, an anniversary, or other special time.

Grownup Gifts

Make it a personal gift with a meaningful photo of friends.


Commemorate your parents’ love and other life events.

Art Therapy

Incorporate the "Magic Canvas" in any therapeutic program.


Help residents at facilities personalize their living space.


Give as a fun, high quality gag gift to the artistically inclined.


Hone the creative skills of the beginner artist in your life.


Introduce or promote your child’s healthy artistic interests.

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