Painting by numbers is one of the most satisfying & rewarding experiences.

How To Paint

Art made joyfully yours

Magic Canvas removes all the guesswork from creating original art. Our canvases feature a light, pre-printed backdrop image broken down into many little numbered sections.

Whether you're painting your favorite photo or working with our ready-to-paint artworks, the concept is the same: paint one little section at a time, either with the corresponding paint color, or with a mix of your own color choices.

With a little patience, and a load of fun, you end up with a striking piece of art that deserves a prominent spot on your wall.

The Art of Paint by Numbers for Adults

Why Custom Paint by Numbers?

Reliving your favorite moments

Painting with our numbered system takes you through a photo’s detail in a way that gives you a whole new appreciation for the story it tells.

Beyond developing your artistic abilities, it also helps you reconnect with that memory, moment, or event as if you were experiencing it all over again.

After Painting by Numbers - paint by numbers for adults

Choosing Colors

More colors means more lifelike detail

A little guidance for choosing the right number of included colors

24 Colors = Basic Details

24 paint colors are enough for images with basic details. If you’re covering large areas with similar colors, such as a large swath of sky or a wall of a building, 24 colors will help you create a bold, crisp painting.

36 Colors = Fine Gradients

For good images with more detail, choose 36 paint colors. If you’re tackling a complex setting, detailed background, or multiple faces, 36 colors will enable you to bring out all these finer points with full gradient.

42 Colors = True to Life

For the greatest detail possible, get the full 42 paint colors. This full range of colors empowers you to get into the fun of layering so you can create a piece of art that shows your unique style. This is our best offer!

Brush Cleaning

A clean brush makes every stroke matter

Start Clean

Keep a glass near your painting station. Before first use, soak your brush for a minute, then pat it dry with a clean cloth.

Clean Between

Paint away! Start anywhere, follow any order (or none at all), and have fun. When switching colors, soak your brush and pat it dry.

Let Dry

To avoid colors smudging or bleeding, allow each area to dry before painting nearby areas. Color all sections for a rich, detailed canvas.

Paint by Numbers Canvas - Crisp lines and clear numbers make it easy to paint a lifelike piece of art.

Precision Outline

Crisp lines and clear numbers make it easy to paint a lifelike piece of art.

Paint by Numbers Canvas -Choose the canvas size that fits your wall, art collage, or home decor.

Flexible Sizes

Choose the canvas size that fits your wall, art collage, or home decor.

Joy Guaranteed

Love your painting or we’ll make it right. We want you happy with all our art.

Paint by Numbers For All

Beautify your walls or theirs


Celebrate a first date, an anniversary, or other special time.

Grownup Gifts

Make it a personal gift with a meaningful photo of friends.


Commemorate your parents’ love and other life events.

Art Therapy

Incorporate the "Magic Canvas" in any therapeutic program.


Help residents at facilities personalize their living space.


Give as a fun, high quality gag gift to the artistically inclined.


Hone the creative skills of the beginner artist in your life.


Introduce or promote your child’s healthy artistic interests.

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